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2ct Synthetic Moissanite Stones 10x8mm Pear Shape Old Mine Cut Grown Moissanite Diamond

Product Name Brand Name STARS GEM Material Moissanite Gemstone Type Synhthetic,Lab Created Shape Pear Size 10x8mm Color White Color Grade D,E,F,GQuality AAAAA Clarity VVS Moissanite Density 20Hardness 9 Mohss Scale Refractive Index 2-2 Dispersion Index 04 MOQ 1PCSample Order Acceptable Cutting Old Mine Cut Feature can be wax setting,accurate size, girdle even,clearity good, cutting perfect Shipping DHL,UPS,EMS,FEDEX,ARAMEX or as per your request Payment Paypal,Western Union,TT Packing 1rstly, put the stone in to a fine Jewelry BoxPacked with Polyethlyene Bag and Soft PaperPut some bubble paper into the carton box for proteciting stoneselivery Time Send out within 2-3days after payment recieved,10-15days if no stcokCutting Chart Round Ideal CutStar CutHA Cut Old European CutOEC Old Mine CutAsscher CutRadiant Cuterald CutOval CutPear CutHeart CutCushion CutRose CutPrincess CutCertificationsPacking DeliveryCompany ProfileSTARSGEM COTD is lacated in the capital of Synthetic Gemstones wuzhou,China, which has ten years experience in manufacturiing and selling high quality gemstonesTARSGEM owns a professional QC department, which is strict in checking Moissanite quality to guarantee each moissanite perfectTARSGEM Rough Moissanite comes from China Electronics Technology GroupCorporation II Institutee successfully produced perfect moissanite stones,which achieve 3EX cutting level Excellent Polishing Excellent SymmetryExcellent Cuttingompared with other companies, STARSGEMs Moissanite are more brilliantesides,STARSGEM has rich experience in special cutting, which displays 8Hearts 8 Arrows and 10Hearts 10Arrows etc, and to make moissanite more uniquer Advantages 1ctory over 10 years experience of gemstone manufacturingrst mover of gemstone market 2re than 200 shapes designs, Over 1000 synthetic gemstones are available from our catalog 3ng-term inventory sufficientmpetive price,high quality,excellent service 5pport OEM and ODM gemstone 6rtificated and Test Report can be providedmstone Sample or color chart and catalogue are available 8ickly delivery ,Carefully Packing and Safe Shippinge best pre-sales and after-sales service 10omptly respon within 24 hourshy do so many people prefer to Choose Moissanite?? 1 Moissanite is the worlds most brilliant gemstones 2 No gemstones can offer more beauty to your life for less of an investment 3 Rated 9 on the Mohs Scaleoissanite is harder than any gemstones, apart from diamond It is more durable compared to other popular gemstones like Ruby,Emerald and Sapphire It is an affordable and surprisingly more brilliant and fiery than diamond It is easy to clean and maintain Moissanite Jewelry than others One of the worlds most scintillating gemstones, its almost impossible to differentiate between a diamond and a moissanite with the naked eye Moissanites are created to be perfect, without any inclusions or flawshese brilliant, beautiful stones are perfect for use in JewelryQ 1out MoissaniteMoissanite is one the most brilliant and fiery gemstones in the worldComposed of carbon and silicon, its scientific name is silicon carbideMoissanite possesses fire, brilliant and luster that surpasses even that of a diamond 2issanite CaratIn order to minimize the confusion this can create, all Moissanite stones are listed in the actual size mm andor the diamond equivalent carat weightissanites Superior Fire BrillianceMoissanites characteristic sparkle is more than just a show of beauty - its a testament to the superior science behind the jewel, boasting more fire, brilliance and luster than any gemstone on earthhis is not merely a sales line, but a scientific and quantifiable fact 4o larger Moissanite gemstones look "fake"?No, larger carat weight Moissanites look every bit as diamond like as the smaller Moissanite gemstoneshe reason other diamond alternatives such as CZ appear glassy in the larger carat weights is due to "windowing" or light leakage because of the inferior optical properties 5s Moissanite the same size as a Diamond?""All Moissanite stones are listed with their actual size in mm and the diamond equivalent in caratsherefore a 1ct round Moissanite sold on MoissaniteCom is approximately the same size as a 1ct diamond6hich cut is the most brilliant or whitest?"The round brilliant shape is the ideal cut for maximizing the fire and brilliance of the gemstoneOther cuts, often referred to as "fancy cuts", are cut to maximize the fire and brilliance as much as possible, but it is less than the round brilliant cutill heat damage Moissanite?"Moissanite gemstones are extraordinarly heat resistant, even moreso than a diamondherefore common jewelry repairs such as ring sizing, soldering and retipping prongs can be done without damaging the Moissanite gemstonesMoissanite has a higher vaporization temperature than diamond and can withstand temperatures reaching 2,000 degrees Fahrenheitill Moissanite test positive as a diamond?"Moissanite will test positive using a traditional thermal diamond tester as found in most jewelry storesThe reason is due to the very similar heat signature of Moissanite and diamond stonesissanite vs CZCZ is great for cheap fashion jewelry, but is simply too soft for jewelry if you intend to wear it frequently i bridal jewelry, it has too strong an affinity to dirt, and its optical properties luster, fire and brilliance all fall short when compared to a Moissanitenlike Moissanite and diamond, CZ will not stand the test of timentact.

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