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Heavy Duty Dry Grinders

Vaporizer Dry Herb Custom Herb Grinder Heavy Duty Zinc Grinder

Heavy duty and durable zinc alloy construction Pollen Scraper IncludedDurable ring included designed to for an easy and fast grinding experience4 piece, 3 chamber design Mesh screen for fine pollen filtering2nch 2nch 1nch different sizes are availableand your logo is welcome,OEM box also is availableL VA HERB GRINDER PACKING WITH GIFT BOX,Now featuring a zinc alloy constructionVA 2 63mm 4 Part Zinc Alloy Grinder Colors Black Gun Black Silver Green Blue Red OEM Colors also is welcomeVA Plain Grinder Include Content * 1pc Herb Grinder* 1pc Pollen Scraper* 1pc Velvet Carry bag* 1pc Warranty Card* 1pc Fancy Gfit Packaging BoxMore than 100pcs, You can get Free Engrave Logo on Grinder Lid What is a herb grinder?A grinder is a device made to grind herbs and spices into small bitst can be used for grinding kitchen herbs, but it is more widely used to grind buds into smaller sized particles typical grinder consists of two halves that can be separated and have sharp teeth or pegs aligned in such a way that when both halves are turned, material placed inside is effectively shreddedaracteristicsGrinders come in many different shapes and sizes, but a round cylindrical shape is most commonrinders are available in various types of materials, such as wood, metal, acrylic or aluminiumven titanium grinders can be foundst important when looking at the durability and strength of a grinder, is the construction and used material of the teeth and the way they are attached to the baselastic grinders are often not very durable and the teeth can break easily when the herb placed inside is too compressed or contains stems or chalksluminium or metal is the preferred material when looking to purchase a durable grinder that will last for yearse larger the grinder, the more ground material can be acquired at a timeence a larger grinder will also weigh more, and thus may not be as suitable for carrying it in your pocketome grinders will have a magnet that connects the two parts and keeps them in placehis also allows for better grinding movement, as both halves will remain in the exact same placeage and maintenance1 The top and bottom are separated, and herb is placed in between the teeth Now the top and bottom are placed together and the two parts are twisted in opposite directionhe more time spent grinding, the finer the particles will be Pick up one part of the grinder the herb is now ground and ready for usageAfter some time there will likely be some build-up of resin and trichomes that are stuck to the teeth and bottom of your grindern easy way to clean this is to brush off the crystals by applying a small bristle or hard tipped paint brushhis will not only increase the effectiveness of your grinder, youll also have a nice little bonus as a reward for your diligent cleaningould your grinder still be full of sticky resin, then it might be wise to clean it more thoroughlyoaking it in rubbingISO alcohol works well for cleaning an aluminium grinder, use hot water and organic cleaning products when cleaning a acrylic or wood grinderlways let all parts dry up the alcohol needs to evaporate completely before closing and using the grinder againommercially available biologically recyclable grinder cleaning fluid also does a good job at cleaning both aluminium and acrylic grindersOur Standard PackingVA After - Sales Services Add value service to you 1hoose VA Grinder as your supplier, you can get high quality products picutres to help you show your online shop and clients If you sales on Amazon, we can shipping to Amazon warehouse directly, and print UPC code for youAll grinder packing box with plastic seal, looks very high end and waterproofMore than 500pcs, we can do customize color for youOver 100pcs, you can get free engrave your logo on grinderShipping OptionsDHL 3-4days UPS 3-5daysFedEx 4-5days EMS 7-10daysPayment WaysWire transfer Western Union PayPalContact your professional salesmanWelcome your any inquiriesYour inquiry will be reply in 2hours.

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