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1-3tph Animals Feeds Machine For Feed Mill Making Machine Feed

About USShijiazhuang Huanpai Machine Cotd is a professional manufacturer of all types of animal feed pellet machine are specialized in designing and manufacturing poultry feed,aquatic feed pellet machinery,biomass pellet machinery and the complete production lineall auxiliary equipment with CPM advanced technologye current products include hammer mill, ingredient weighing system, mixer, pellet mill, counter-flow cooler, dryer, crumbler, rotary screener, liquid adding equipment, pulse filter equipment, horizontal and vertical conveying equipment, links and gates, permanent magnet cylinder, and de-iron equipment etcin single machineScrew conveyor1lly automatic electric protection can be co-controlled with Bar Rack Cleaner2mpact in structure, convenient installation with expansion boltsUsing wear-resisting materiel bars in trough, its examining and repairing is convenient3osed running make the noise low and surroundings betterIts length , angle and discharging hopper can be manufactured according to customers requirements4e spiral blades are made of stainless steel and have big strength and good resistant to corrosionter Drop Hammer Mill 1dely used in small and medium-sized feed mill, food factory, farm and other industriesSuitable for crushing all kinds of granular raw materials, such as corn, sorghum, wheat, beans, wood chips, etcis the ideal general-purpose hammer millRotor after a high precision dynamic balance test, vibration, long lifeInterlocking press screening mechanism, removable screen is more convenient, more secure and reliableAfter the special heat treatment, the hammer piece, the screen mesh and the pin shaft have long service life and high grinding efficiencyylinder Pulse Dust Remover1lter bag device using squirrel cage filter bag and knitted polyester filter bagStraight type solenoid valve, Large pulse dust remover with the dragon, air seal machinery, reduce the process layoutDust removal efficiency of 99Has a unique blow device and provided with a unique structure with a detachable cloth bag structure and convenient maintenanceoop elevatorSemi-Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Bottle Making Machine BottleMoulding MachinePET Bottle Making Machineis suitable for producing PET plastic containers and bottles in all shapesuble Shaft High efficiency Mixer1dely used in feed, grain, food, pesticide, medicine, chemical and other industries in the powder, granular, flaky, massive, 2scellaneous and viscous material mixturee rotor adopts double shaft and multi blade mechanism, which has high mixing speed and high uniformityEffective mixing chamber increases, can be suitable for a variety of light, heavy material mixtureThe top of the cavity is designed to increase the number of liquid oil pipeline, to meet the needs of customers a variety of liquids, and to ensure that the liquid atomization and material to increase the height, improve the mixing effect of liquid atomization, to prevent the knotgnetic Drum Separator1ew type magnetic materials is adopted with magnetic intensity 3000GS power is not needed2ase is made of stainless steel and flexible inspection door3nstallation is flexible and convenient and less space is needed, de-iron rate is above 99llet machine1LH series type granulator with the international advanced level, the latest technology, low failure modelsOn the basis of the A type ring mould granulator, the feeding of the raw material is controlled by the variable speed motor, the feeding is uniform and convenientansmission parts using high-strength belt drive, smooth operation, low noiseRotary parts of the selection of high-quality bearings, to ensure high-speed rotation stabilitye addition of a permanent magnet to the cutting part of the device, increasing the service life of the main components while reducing the same type of auxiliary equipmentEasy operation, reliable sealing, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, low labor intensityunter-flow Cooler1 is suitable for the cooling of various kinds of pellets, such as granulation, expanded material and other granular materials, especially for the cooling of pelletsAdopt counter-flow cooling principle to cool high temperature, high humidity pellete material is cooled gradually from bottom to top, which avoids the chill and the particles are not explosiveSection into the octagonal cooling box, remove the cooling dead ends, more conducive to the pellet cooling treatmentThe use of closed air feeding, put an end to the mouth of the wind, the cooling effect is betterEquipped with adjustable tapered material, fabric evenlybrating grading sieve1 is suitable for the last process of granulation section of small and medium-sized feed mill, after granulation or crushing of the particles through the screening method, extract qualified grain feed products, remove unqualified particles and powder, and return to the granulator to granulateWith a compact structure ,convenient operation and maintenance, low power consumption, low noise, good sealing, no pollution and so onCan be widely used in feed, food, chemical and other industries on the initial cleaning and screening materialsrticle crusher1 is suitable for crushing large particles into small particles, and can be used to break the particles of various specifications into 01M or 1-2m particlesTwo-roll or three-roll structure, uniformly broken , easy to adjust particle sizeThe unique feeding port and the bypass device not only play the role of uniform, but also play a role in the side of the flow of materials do not need to be broken, bypass flow through the switch to achieve automatic shutdownThe use of narrow V high-intensity V-belt drive, smooth rotation, reliable, easy to operateElectric control systemIt provides reliable protetion for machines and wires and automatic alarm in case of machine failure indicates the rechnological flow and visibly exhibits the running state of all machines on the simulating screenxessooy machinesImpeller Feeder,Pneumatic tee,Pneumatic gates,Electric tee,air seal machinery,ring die etcMain Features1WideapplicablescopeItcanprocessdifferentmaterialssuchascorn,maize,grass,grain, SBM, MBM, alfalfa, molasses, straw, andsomeotherrawmaterialsCompletefeedpelletprocessAnimalfeedpelletproductionlinecontainsreceivingandcleaning,grinding,batchingandmixing,pelletizing,cooling,crumbling,screeningandpackingpelletspartsFulllinecontainscrusher,mixer,pelletmill,cooler,crumbler,coolerandallbins,screener,packingmachineconveyorsetcwilldesignthefullpelletlineflowchartaccording toyourrawmaterials andspecificrequirement3GoodqualityfinishedfeedpelletsStainlesssteelconditionerextendstheconditioningandcookingtimeAxialsteamsprayingport,improvingfeedcookingefficiencyHighefficientfeedmachinesHighprecisiondrivingmaingearandpinionshaftadoptthecarbonizingquenchingandhardtoothsurfacegrindingtechnology,resultinginsmoothdriving,lownoiseandlongservicelifeCustomizedCapacityWecancustomizethedifferentcapacitiesfrom1tonperhourto50tonperhourorevenmoreDifferent kinds and size of feedWecancustomizesolutionof producing mashfeed,pelletfeed,crumblefeed for youThesizeofpelletfeedcanbe1mto18mmFinal ProductsCertificationsFriendly CooperationOur products are exported to more than 30 countries in the world For example Australian, America, Algeria, Angola, Burkina Faso, Belgium, Canada, Congo, Cameroon, Ghana, Egypt, Philippines, Libya, Zambia, Kenya, Ethiopia, , Yemen, Malawi, Tanzania, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Israel, Mozambique, South Africa, Sudan, Somalia, Togo, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Rwanda, Kazajastan and other countryr ServiceFAQ1hich kind of animal feed does your machine can produce?Our machine can produce chicken,cattle, cow, pig,fish, shrimp,pet feed etc2ever engage in flour industrynt understand how to operate the flour milling machine?Your dont need to worry anything, Our professional Chinese engieer will go to you country to help you install the machinery and train workersTraining how to install the machine, training how to use the machine,maintainenance Engineers available to service machinery overseasoviding professional support for the consultation of engineering technology and .

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