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Factory Sales Grinding Machine For Thick Turret Centerless Grinding Machine

ModelLMKG200 Type AutomaticGrinding precision05Grinding procedureRough, Middle mill, Precision, PolishGrinding wheel typeCBN 135Grinding range2-260mmFolder range2-180mmSpindle stroke300mmGrinding stroke130mmBevel edge grindingYESGrinding ModeAutomaticLubrication ModeAutomaticBlade ModeAutomaticLaser Detection SystemYESPulse SystemYESSpindle Frequency Conversion SystemYESControl SystemMitsubishi ControllerControl Interface7-Inch Touch Screenstep motorMitsubishi servo motor 0KWGrinding Spindle Motor3w 380v 3 Phrase ElectricitySpindle speed0-4800rpmWorktable Motor0WCooling Motor0w0v 3 Phrase Electricity 50 lmPower Requirements3kVA 400V 50HzThree-Phrase Five-wireMachine Tool StructureFull vertical Castings, Full Cover Waterproof, Dust Proof, Safety Closure StructureMachine Tool ConfigurationTaiwannese Ball Rod, Guide RailMain Axis ConfigurationJapanese BearingsShape Size730*1100*1850 mm Packing Size760*1150*2100Machine Tool Weight650kgUse of EquipmentIt is used for automatic grinding of punch and lower die of NC punchuipment Principle1he grinding machine is a precision grinding equipmenthe products are placed on the grinding chuck, the grinding chuck and the lower chuckverse rotation, automatic grinding of workpiece by servo pressure, relative rotational grinding of workpiece and grinding disc Use high precision bearing, linear guide rail, ball screw, with CBN grinding wheel pair grinding disc and lower chuck benchmarkPrecision trimming is carried out to make the grinding disc reach the flatness of 05mmuipment characteristics1sing touch screen man-machine interface and PLC program control system to ensure the stability and safety of machine toolsw high quality grinding surface, precise grinding quantity, precise size, with fast, repeatable, reliable characteristicsPoint Built-in circulating cooling systemrinding temperature can be controlled at low temperature to avoid core punching and lower die grindinge to the annealing phenomenon caused by overheating, multi-channel water-cooled CBN grinding wheel achieves the best cooling effect Automatic circulation lubrication system, automatic lubrication of ball screw, bearing and linear guide to achieve the best lubricationEffect4he grinding spindle is equipped with CBN grinding wheel, laser detection and monitoring system, anti-impact grinding wheel system and automatic air cleaningstem, etc Laser testing system precisely locates the position of punch core and lower die, realizes automatic tool alignment, completely replacing hande positioning accuracy can be within 0 mm and the processing accuracy can reach 05 mm According to the grinding process, the grinding program is designed to realize the rapid downward movement of the grinding head, which is composed of servo motor and balle screw rod is driven by direct connection and controlled step by stept is suitable for rough grinding, medium grinding, fine grinding and polishinge worker only needs to set the total amount of grindinghe process parameters include total amount of grinding, rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing time, etcl of them are automatically completed by the system according to the requirements, and return to the top quickly after processingven a totally inexperienced operatorThe best flatness and roughness can be easily obtained by setting the abrasion and pressing the switch button Fault self-diagnosis and alarm, all IO status Man-machine dialogue, intelligent interface and simple operationABOUT USWORKSHOPCERTIFICATEEXHIBITIONPRODUCT TESTINGOUR ADVANTAGES.

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